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No Pulling/Obedience Remote Training Ultrasonic System


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Remote Ultrasonic Anti-Pulling System for Training

You may use No-Pulling System at any place, as its sound will not trouble surrounding creatures! The device works as a silent whistle, producing sounds people are unable to hear. Ultrasonic sounds produced by Remote Trainer has a great impact on the dog’s behavior. Regular use of this tool solves pulling problem and helps to concentrate dog’s attention on performing a particular command.

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No-Pulling Ultrasonic System for Dog Training

Ultrasonic System for No Pulling Dog Training

This tool will become your number 1 helper, if:

  • Your dog pulls a lead
  • You teach your pet different commands like stay, sit, no bark, etc.
  • If your pet can not concentrate attention on something you want him to do
Use No-pulling system:
  • At home
  • While walking
  • During obedience training

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System for No Pulling Obedience Dog Training

Obedience Dog Training Ultrasonic System

The main characteristics:

  • 4 sound intensity modes
  • Power button
  • "Plus" and "Minus" buttons for regulating sound intensity
  • Durable fittings
  • Plastic framework
  • Doesn't attract attention of passersby
  • Easily attached to leashes and collars
  • Works as a remote trainer too

Recommended use:

  • Obedience training
  • Dog socializing
  • Everyday walking
  • No-pulling training


  • Plastic

Available colors:

  • Black

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Ultrasonic System for Easy Dog Training

Ultrasonic System for Easy No Pulling Dog Training

No Leash Pulling! No training courses! No Trainers! Your pet does not need all aforementioned, if you have Ultrasonic No-Pulling System!

So what is the principle of its work?
Anti-Pulling Solution.
Situation: Your pet pulls a leash.
It is just impossible to enjoy walking, if your pet pulls a leash! This dog is uncontrolled and sometimes you feel awkward in such a situation, because your pet chooses where you both will go to.

Recipe from pulling disease!
1 step. Attach Ultrasonic Remote Trainer between a collar and a lead.
2 step. Pull the leash towards your side and push the button of the No-Pulling System, when your dog is pulling. Ultrasonic tone detracts the dog’s attention and focuses it on the given command.

Behavior Corrector.
Situation: Obedience training.
If you want to correct behavior of your pet, train your dog with Remote Trainer. Use Ultrasonic Tone as a praise for a well-done command!

Please, pay attention to few rules while using Ultrasonic Remote Trainer:
1. Give your dog some time to get used to the extra weight on his collar before training. Walking with a tool, attached to the collar, is perfect for the first time.
2. Start training with the lowest tone intensity and increase it only if your dog does not react to the minimal intensity tone. Use "plus" and "minus" buttons to change the sound intensity. 

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