Easy way to keep your dog under control

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June, 14 2013

I think that every dog owner is the happiest man in the world. To have a dog means to have a best friend. They are smart, devoted, friendly towards their owner and  especially towards children. They love their owners more than themselves. But they also need love and care. It is summer now and you should go for a walk with your lovely dog very often. I'm sure that you like to visit public places with your beautiful four-feet friend. But, is he a good mannered? Does he need total control? Everything about dog controlling and other interesting information are waiting for you in our newsletters. So, read and enjoy! 

best pitbull collar

Make your dog's life comfortable and fashionable!


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Nylon Dog Collar For Everyday Use!

Nylon Walking Collar

Wide Nylon Dog Collar For Everyday Walking and Training

This wide collar is a good variant for practical dog owners.  Advantages of nylon material are numerous, it is wear-proof, not delicate in use and, that is why it may be used at all weather conditions. Nylon is not expensive, which makes it a perfect choice for dog accessories. Combination of high durability and low price satisfies all demands of a modern customer and does not limit your pet in comfort! 


Nylon Dog Collar For Large and Medium Breeds With Plates

designer dog collar

Strong Water Resistant Nylon Dog Collar

This Collar Is Extra Wide - Almost 1 3/4 Inch - Which Makes It Perfect Tool For Handling Large And Active Breeds This Nylon Collar Is Made With Symmetrical Proportional Silver Conchos!That Help Bring Out The Beauty Of This Hand Crafted Creation. We Used Only Silver Plated Hardware ! Available In Black Very Strong Water Resistant Nylon "Functionally fashionable".