Health benefits of dogs

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best dog collars

July, 29 2013

Do you know that dogs are not only your best friends, partners and defenders? They are your “medicine’’. Researches show that dogs are good for our health. Are you surprised? According to the Humane Society, pet owners tend to have lower stress levels, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, and are more likely to survive a heart attack. Pet owners also tend to rehabilitate faster from physical or psychological illnesses. Dog owners are considered to be more active physically, especially those who walk their dogs regularly. Moreover, dogs help to reduce feelings of anxiety, stress and isolation and improve health. So, they deserve your love and good care. Do you agree with me?


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Extremely Stylish Leather Dog Collar with Hand Painted Flames


This collar is decorated with bright stylish flames painted against black leather background. This decoration is made with water resistant paints that provide a long time lifespan. Painting won't flake or fade and always exudes high esthetic qualities. It is a reliable dog handling tool that may be used for intensive everyday walking and training. 

Original Handcrafted Dog Leather Collar


Collar that will always be in fashion! With or without this extremely patriotic painting this collar is the top of expectations. If you are looking for a thing that will be in use for years and at the same time not look like others, you may already stop searching.