How to start dog training

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October, 28 2013

A lot of topics, such as advantages of dog walking, dog positive influence on people, the main reasons why dogs bark and other, were discussed in our previous newsletters. Dog training also remains to be very important part of the dog’s life and we would like to speak about several ways of dog education at home. 1. As dog experts say, you should devote to dog training activities 10-15 minutes every day. But, be careful, if it takes more time, your four-footed friend can be tired. 2. Choose, who will be a trainer in your family. Dogs, as a pack animals, should have only one leader. 3. Share your training rules with other family members. These rules must be reinforced by everyone at home. 4. Start your first lesson by teaching your dog to sleep in a crate. You should’t let your dog sleep in a bed with you. 5. The second lesson must be devoted to walking on a leash. Your beloved pet must understand what is the right behavior when he goes outside. 6. Use special commands to stop moving of your pet. 7. Don’t forget about the praise. 8. Use special commands,  such as ‘’Playtime’’, for the end of your training lesson. Remember! All these rules requires your patience and effort to succeed in dog training. Teach your beloved pet to behave correctly in a positive note! We wish you good luck!
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