Is your doggie well-socialized?

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June, 16 2014

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Are you aware that your dog's socialization is really significant? Experts say that every dog owner should provide his dog with it since early puppyhood. Most professionals recommend to show your dog as many new situations and people as possible when your pet is about 8 to 12 weeks.
Your beloved pet should distinguish situations when he can show aggression towards some people and when he can't. It is well-known, that all canines have inherent protective instincts towards strangers. So, because of lack of socialization your dog can misjudge the situation, mostly because he hasn't experienced similar ones before. So they say that the only way to avoid these misunderstandings is to socialize your four-legged fellow.
Of course, to achieve this goal you have to do some work. To keep your dog's good attitude towards other people it is recommended by specialists to continue working on your dog's socialization throughout his whole life.

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