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February, 25 2014

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Is your four-feet friend kind both to other pets and people as well as occasional passers-by while walking in the park? Have you ever noticed that some people are scared of your dog, just because he is large? Sometimes, the dimensions of dogs make people to be scared. They consider massive dogs as aggressive.
There is no doubt that it’s a great responsibility to be an owner of large and massive dog breed. When you bring puppy to your house you receive so called “white list of paper” and it’s depends on  you very much what character and personality will your puppy gain. Will he become super kind or aggressive, will he love you endlessly or be terrified when you come close. Dog experts say that every dog needs obedience training. It is recommended to devote to dog training activities 10-15 minutes every day. But, be careful, if it takes more time, your four-footed friend can become bored. Choose, who will be a trainer in your family. Start your first lesson with simple commands. Don’t forget about the praise. Remember that the key to a good results is your patience.

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